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1 - Choose Your Visa

Are you traveling to Cuba from the United States? You' ll need to apply for a pink visa. A green visa is needed if you' ll be coming from any other country. We make it easy, regardless of where you are coming from!

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2 - Add Medical Insurance

Travel insurance is available for your upcoming trip to Cuba. Simply request a policy online when you submit your application to receive proof of coverage when your visa arrives. We offer the best value on Cuba insurance policies!

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3- Pay Online

We'll process your visa payment online instantly. Easy Kuba Visa accepts most international credit cards.

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4- Track Your Delivery

Once processed, your visa will ship quickly. We're able to provide secure shipping that typically arrives within one to three working days using DHL.

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Your Connection for Fast, Authentic Visas for Cuba

EasyKubaVisa puts everything you need to obtain a visa to Cuba in one place. Yes, it's possible to obtain an authentic visa for travel entirely online in just a few steps without dealing with multiple government agencies and extensive paperwork. Explore Cuba visa requirements, costs and policies to breeze through the process today! Your visa could be at your doorstep in 48 hours!

Here's What You Need to Know About Tourist and Travel Visas for Cuba

You probably have questions about the Cuba visa policy if you are planning to travel to this island country in the Caribbean. For most Americans, the rules and requirements for traveling to Cuba are unclear due to many political and procedural changes in recent years. Even travelers coming from other countries often have questions about Cuban visa requirements. Luckily, working with EasyKubaVisa makes it easy to get what you need to make the trip without any hiccups. The colorful tapestry of Havana, hideaway spots of Ernest Hemingway and sandy dunes of Varadero Beach are all waiting for you once you get your paperwork covered!

Any traveler entering Cuba must be in possession of something called the Cuba Tourist Card (Tarjeta del Turista). You won't get very far without this essential piece of documentation because airlines and cruise operators often refuse boarding for passengers who do not have it. Timing is important when it comes to applying for your Cuba Tourist Card. This single-entry card allows you to stay in Cuba for up to 30 days at a time. Yes, that means you'll need a new card even if you've visited Cuba recently.

What Is the Process for Requesting a Visa for Cuba?

As of 2017, all travelers arriving in Cuba from the United States must use pink visas. This applies regardless of your nationality. Travelers coming from all other countries that require visas must use green visas. Visitors to Cuba should keep their documentation with them throughout their stays because visas are collected upon departure from airports in Cuba. Also, hotels, resorts and guest homes require tourists to produce their visas.

Can you really apply for and get a travel visa for Cuba completely online? Yes, EasyKubaVisa makes it possible to get a valid, certified visa in just a few clicks! Here's a look at the Cuba visa application process:

Provide the details of your passport.
Provide proof of (or purchase) medical insurance that will cover medical expenses during your visit to Cuba.
Provide an address where a courier should deliver your completed visa.

When you get your visa through EasyKubaVisa, your documentation will arrive by courier within 48 hours! Shipments to more remote locations can sometimes take up to 72 hours. We ship globally using DHL.

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Fast and Simple Cuba Visa Services Through EASYKUBAVISA

EasyKubaVisa is your all-in-one resource for buying Cuba visas online easily. We always guarantee that you'll receive your visa directly at your home or office within approximately 48 hours of making your request! When you go with us, you'll never have to deal with the hassles and expenses of filing with any offices or processing a visa application at an airport.

EasyKubaVisa is committed to helping travelers comply with Cuba visa requirements without high costs or hassles. We know how to process requests quickly and accurately for roughly half the cost of other companies that process visa requests for Cuba. You may have seen other visa companies offering visas to Cuba for as much as $80 (€70). At EasyKubaVisa, you'll pay just $35 (€30) for the same visa service. Also, we ship directly to your home using a secure, traceable method!


Security is our top priority when processing visas for our clients. We don't want you to have any worries on your mind as you prepare for your trip. When you get a travel visa through EasyKubaVisa, you can rest assured that your request is processed through a secure website. Unfortunately, many of the websites offering quick Cuba visas are non-certified websites that may scam you by sending you false or invalid documents not recognized by the Cuban government. That means that your ability to enter Cuba could be in jeopardy.

Visas provided by EASYKUBAVISA are guaranteed to be 100 percent authentic. We are also proud to offer our clients the option to purchase insurance for visiting Cuba along with their visas. This is a valuable service that allows you to fully prepare for your trip in one easy step instead of trying to shop around for insurance that will be approved by the government of Cuba. Many travelers don't realize that Cuba's government made medical insurance for all visitors mandatory in 2010. You will not be admitted into Cuba as a traveler if you do not have valid coverage that will cover the costs of medical care during your stay in Cuba. The team at EasyKubaVisa has worked diligently to offer the best insurance coverage for the money. We provide the option of choosing between cheaper policies that reimburse medical expenses or full travel insurance.

Visa Cuba: special Countries

Citizens for Countires listed below, do NOT need a Visa to visit Cuba

List of countries whose citizens can enter Cuba without any Visa

Citizens for Countires listed below, CANNOT buy a Visa for Cuba on this Website. These customers need to go to the Cuban embassy and apply for a Visa in person.

Special countries - Need to apply for Visa in person

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F.A.Q. - VISA for Cuba

All you need to know about the Cuban Visa

  • Do I Still Need a Passport If I Have a Cuba Tourist Card?

    Yes, you will still need a passport. A Cuba Tourist Card is not a replacement for a valid passport. Also, Cuba requires visitor passports to be valid for six months beyond the duration of a planned stay.

  • Do You Need Travel Insurance to Visit Cuba?

    You must be able to show proof of travel insurance that will cover your medical expenses while in Cuba. We offer affordable insurance plans that can be mailed to you with your visa.

  • How Long Is a Cuba Tourist Card Valid?

    A Cuba Tourist Card is valid for 180 days from the date it is issued. The card is valid within Cuba for 30 days following your arrival.

  • Do Young Children Need Tourist Cards When Traveling to Cuba?

    Yes, all travelers require Cuba Tourist Cards. Keep in mind that parents traveling to Cuba with children may be asked to provide proof of guardianship.

  • Can I Request a Tourist Card on Behalf of a Travel Companion?

    Easy Kuba Visa typically delivers all visa requests to your door within 48 hours. Please allow for up to 72 hours for remote locations.

  • What Happens If My Visa Doesn't Arrive?

    We'll issue you a refund if your visa does not arrive within the specified delivery window. However, you will still get your visa.

  • Can You Extend a Cuba Visa?

    Yes, 30-day visas can be extended to 60 days by applying at an immigration office and covering a supplemental fee.

  • Can You Bring Pets When Traveling to Cuba?

    Yes, it is possible. However, it will be necessary to obtain a special veterinary certificate that is completed no more than ten days before your entry into Cuba. Also, proof of rabies and distemper vaccinations administered within 30 days of your travel date must be provided. You will also need to check with the specific policies of the airline or cruise operator you are traveling with.

  • Do I Have to Have Proof of Booked Accommodations Before Obtaining a Cuban Visa?

    No, this isn't a requirement any longer.

  • What Is the Cuba Visa Cost?

    At EasyKubaVisa, we process your visa for just $35 (€30)! Many other websites offering similar services charge double that. The price for a Cuba visa can also be significantly higher if you go through an airline or cruise agency.

  • Do You Offer Cuban Visas for Groups?

    Yes, we process visa requests for both individuals and agencies.

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